Steffen’s flour

Skærtoft Mølle at Augustenborg on Als is one of the best-known, well-reputed flour producers in Denmark. Steffen Nielsen, Development Manager, Skærtoft Mølle, is a man of many qualities. Besides being born and raised in Sundeved near Sønderborg, Steffen is a qualified chef and knows exactly what we are looking for here at Syttende. So several times a week, Steffen makes sure that Skærtoft Mølle grinds flour for us using grain solely from the fields of Als. The flour is organic and ground on slowly turning quern-stones. This old grinding method enables flour to retain more vitamins and flavour.

Steffen Nielsen Skærtoft Mølle
Mel fra Skærtoft Mølle
Brød fra Skærtoft Mølle