Steffen’s flour

Skærtoft Mølle at Augustenborg on Als is one of the best-known, well-reputed flour producers in Denmark. Steffen Nielsen, Development Manager, Skærtoft Mølle, is a man of many qualities. Besides being born and raised in Sundeved near Sønderborg, Steffen is a qualified chef and knows exactly what we are looking for here at Syttende. So several times a week, Steffen makes sure that Skærtoft Mølle grinds flour for us using grain solely from the fields of Als. The flour is organic and ground on slowly turning quern-stones. This old grinding method enables flour to retain more vitamins and flavour.

Steffen Nielsen Skærtoft Mølle
Mel fra Skærtoft Mølle
Brød fra Skærtoft Mølle

Syttende is temporarily closed

Dear friends and guests,

In this difficult time, we must take good care of each other. Therefore, at Syttende we are, of course, following the authorities regulations and recommendations. This means that up to and including May 5th we are completely closed. All bookings in this period is unfortunately cancelled.

Meanwhile, we hope that everyone will take good care of themselves and each other until we meet again and Syttende once again can open it’s doors.