Local produce

At Syttende, the produce and ingredients are the driving force behind everything we do. Although we obtain our carefully selected ingredients from all over the world, Syttende’s location in the heart of South Jutland is undeniable of course. Because in South Jutland we are self-sufficient in an abundance of excellent quality produce, such as fish, marsh lamb, game, berries, fruit, nuts, sea buckthorn, wild garlic and infinitely much more besides. During the season, we preserve, put aside and ferment, enabling us to dip into our unique seasonal tastes at any time.

To explain South Jutland’s cornucopia of produce requires going back to the end of the last Ice Age as the gigantic glaciers began to withdraw. They left behind a trench which transects the South Jutland countryside into east and west: to the west, this created vast flat sandy areas and to the east, a lush, rolling countryside. It is these widely varying biotopes and landscapes that provide ideal conditions for developing a varied regional cuisine with a multifaceted diversity of seasonal flavours.

This is the wellspring of our ingredients and produce – the rich, fertile topsoil, the profusion of seafood and shellfish in the fjord and strait, the lush flora and fauna in deep forests and glacial trenches and in the cornucopia of the open countryside.

Joins us as we visit some of our expert farmers and suppliers and follow the journey from South Jutland farms to Syttende’s forks.

Syttende is temporarily closed

Dear friends and guests,

In this difficult time, we must take good care of each other. Therefore, at Syttende we are, of course, following the authorities regulations and recommendations. This means that up to and including May 5th we are completely closed. All bookings in this period is unfortunately cancelled.

Meanwhile, we hope that everyone will take good care of themselves and each other until we meet again and Syttende once again can open it’s doors.