Søren’s milk

The island of Barsø is situated across from Genner Fjord, about 11 km north-east of Aabenraa. The island has only 16 inhabitants. Søren Svennesen, the island’s only farmer, is one of them. Søren’s entire production process is organically certified. In fact, Barsø was the first island in the “Association of Small Danish Islands” to be certified 100% organic.

Søren has a large herd of free-range dairy cows that we are very fond of at Syttende. Because the herd includes the cows Mathilde and Søjde who supply our kitchen with raw milk every week. Or to be precise, it is Jesper’s father Hans who supplies the milk. Because it is he who, every Tuesday, pays the princely sum of 11 kroner to take the small ferry to Barsø for milk. So it is thanks to Søren, Hans and the beautiful Søjde and Mathilde that we at Syttende have perhaps the finest milk in the whole country.

Søren Svennesen ko
Søren Svennesen
Barsø mælk

Syttende is temporarily closed

Dear friends and guests,

In this difficult time, we must take good care of each other. Therefore, at Syttende we are, of course, following the authorities regulations and recommendations. This means that up to and including May 5th we are completely closed. All bookings in this period is unfortunately cancelled.

Meanwhile, we hope that everyone will take good care of themselves and each other until we meet again and Syttende once again can open it’s doors.