Klaus’ honey

Klaus Hviid Petersen is a passionate beekeeper and, in our view, his varieties of honey are nothing short of brilliant. Yes, “varieties”, because as Klaus says: “Honey is not just honey!” Spring honey is mild, light and firm. Summer honey is golden, soft and lightly seasoned, whereas late summer honey is dark and deeply aromatic.

laus Hviid Petersen
Honning i glas

The location of the beehives also affects the taste. Klaus’ bee gardens are placed at eight different sites in and around Gråsten and Sønderborg, several of which are visible from Syttende. This is true of the fields at Dybbøl where Klaus has one of his bee gardens. Each site is unique because the flowers found at one bee garden are not found at the rest. This is what gives Klaus’ honey its unique character.

During the season, Klaus’ whole family helps out to produce the honey. Young and old alike help mind the bees and move them for pollination, harvesting and extracting the honey and last, but not least, stirring the honey and filling it in jars.