Allan’s kiwis, plums and other delicious fruits

Although no longer a full-time farmer, Allan Christensen has fortunately chosen to keep his greenhouse and some of the many hectares for recreational farming. For we would hate to do without Allan, not least because he supplies the essential Alsian kiwis to Syttende’s kitchen. Typical of Allan, he heard that his farmland near Fynshav on Als is at the same latitude as San Francisco, California – so raising kiwis here must be easy! The comparison turned out to be slightly off the mark, but that doesn’t stop Allan from raising splendid small kiwis in his Alsian greenhouse.

Allan’s field extends right down to the banks of the Little Belt (Lillebælt), which gives his crops special vitality. We use Allan’s quinces and plums in dishes and Syttende’s juice menu. We have become particularly fond of his TipTop species of plums, which truly live up to their name.