We look forward to welcoming you to Syttende!

When you book a table

Please note that your reservation does not apply until after you have paid a deposit of DKK 500 per guest excl. handling fee and received confirmation of receipt from us by e-mail. Part of the reason why we kindly ask you for a deposit is to avoid wasting resources, but also because Syttende comprises only seven tables (so space is limited).

You can reserve a table at Syttende no earlier than 90 days in advance. If you find that you are unable to book a table on your preferred date, it is because all the tables are taken and Syttende is fully booked. We regret that we cannot accommodate your request and we hope that you will choose a different date instead.

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Please note: Syttende is holiday closed during week 14, 28 and 29.

Larger parties

If your party numbers more than 8, we kindly ask you to contact us per mail: info@syttende.dk

Please be aware that we cannot make bookings on your behalf and that all bookings must therefore be made via the link below.

Voucher for Syttende

If you have a gift voucher for Syttende, please provide the number on the voucher when booking. When you book a table, please also pay the deposit. If your gift voucher is still in credit after your bill, you will be issued with a new gift voucher for the difference.

Special requirements?

At Syttende we serve our Echo menu, with flavours that are carefully selected to complement and balance one another. It is therefore not possible to accommodate special requests or specific allergies, as we do not want to compromise on quality.
However, we can offer an alternative to accommodate the most basic allergies if we are notified in good time. For more information contact info@syttende.dk

When you arrive

When you and your party arrive at Alsik, please notify the receptionist, and a waiter will come to accompany you to Syttende, where we will be ready and waiting to give you a special evening of gastronomical pleasure.

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Please note: Syttende is holiday closed during week 14, 28 and 29.